Update!  It’s been too long!  

I am finally able to sit down and put together a post.  This is major progress!  As you know from the previous post, E and I are going to be mommies!  Ahhhh!

I thought I’d give a recap of the past few weeks.  I know that I was constantly googling my symptoms to see if what I was experiencing was normal, so I thought I’d breakdown the experience thus far for those of you who are interested.

I have had ALL THE SYMPTOMS.  All of them.

Weeks 7-9

Feeling: so extremely nauseated and constantly sleepy.  Also, my bra stopped fitting like right away.  Thanksgiving was the tipping point.  It wasn’t the food (I couldn’t even eat my normal # of courses), it was just a ‘blegh’ feeling all over.

I had a really rough time at work during this time.  I was nauseous all day long, nibbling on saltines to help quell the yuck feeling.  In the afternoon, I began NEEDING sleep at about 2…but had 3 hours to go.

E and I went in for a second ultrasound at 8 weeks 5 days.  What a difference in size already!  The baby measured at 9 weeks and everything was progressing as it should.  We heard the heartbeat again and officially ‘graduated’ from the fertility clinic!

Weeks 10-11

Feeling: chubby, migraines, sooo hungry.  I like to be active.  The past couple of months, I have desired nothing more than doing absolutely nothing. There is no possible way I could have any sort of energy to work out after a day of work. No way.

And the migraines.  It feels like intense pressure behind my entire face.

On a positive note, I am starting to feel more energized as this week goes on!  Still have the morning sickness and migraines, but I even told E that I think I can start working out again.  Huge progress!

E and I have scheduled an appointment with a midwife on December 29th.  We are so excited to see the little one again!

We have refrained from telling anyone – aside from a couple of close friends.  We are planning to share the news with our parents on Christmas!  🙂  I’ll make sure to post an update about how that experience goes!  EEEEEK!!!

in spite of the faint second line…

I’m E, and I’m guest-blogging today because K has been exhausted for the last few weeks – because SHE’S PREGNANT! It’s been an adventure, and here’s how it all went down…

After a disappointing last month, when K got her smiley face while out-of-town, we were excited to get the smiley face on a Friday morning. We made an appointment for the next morning. I thought that the clinic was closed, and we’d be just about the only ones there, but it turned out that the place was packed! And it was lucky for us, because another couple helped us figure out the intercom for getting buzzed up. We had a different doctor this time – one that we’d met at the initial, consultation appointment. She was a lot less talkative than the first doctor, but it made me feel comfortable because I felt like she was super focused on what she was doing. It’s like when somebody cuts my hair! I always get nervous if they talk too much, like… shouldn’t you be concentrating? Don’t you need to get in the zone? Anyway, K ended up having a much quicker and easier time with this IUI. She said that she didn’t even feel it, besides a quick cramp when the catheter entered her uterus.

I made a list of things that happened on this second IUI try, just in case it turned out to be our baby’s conception day. We picked up McDonald’s biscuits for breakfast because I was a little hungover. Not a good precedent for the pregnancy, but soooo necessary that morning. I also won a medium fry on a Monopoly piece! We heard Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” on the radio as we drove to the clinic. It was a beautiful fall day, and there was a lot of cold dew on the grass. We were glad that we brought our coats! K went to work after the doctor’s appointment, and I surprised her with sushi for lunch (no fish for mama K though). After lunch, I worked on a patio project in the backyard, and K supervised because she was feeling a little sick. This got much worse the next day, and K had a terrible headache during our softball games. Ever since, she’s had some cramping, but mostly she’s been exhausted all the time.

I have to say, I was a lot more optimistic about the possibility of K getting pregnant after her second IUI. She was still sad that the first one didn’t work, I think, so she didn’t want to get her hopes up too high. Nevertheless, she wanted to take a pregnancy test as early as possible! I looked up reviews after the first IUI and had decided on the First Response Early Results Pregnancy Test. This is the kind that gives you two pink lines if you’re pregnant. We tried the first test 6 days before K’s expected period. We both swore that we saw a faint second line. And, I’m telling you, this thing was really faint. But I knew I saw it because I was expecting the lines to be right next to each other, but I noticed the second line further away than I expected. We took a picture of it and peaked at it all day at work! How do people focus on anything but pregnancy during this process? Anyway, we tried the next day, and the next day, and the next, and, each day, the second line got darker and darker! Still, I was not satisfied because the second line was always light – not dark like the first one. The directions warn that this can happen, but it made me feel like the positive might not be real! I went out and bought a digital pregnancy test. By the way, I always feel so weird buying pregnancy tests. Is that just me? And why are some of them in little, plexiglas cages, like picking one out is naughty or something? Regardless, I will never buy anything but a digital test in the future. This one gave K a definitive “YES +,” and I got super excited at this point!


Next, we called the clinic to report the positive test. They scheduled K for bloodwork on a Saturday, with follow-up on a Monday. They were looking for HcG levels. I’ve learned that this is a pregnancy hormone, and it’s supposed to double every day in early pregnancy. Her levels were excellent, so now we’ve scheduled the first ultrasound! She’s 6 weeks pregnant, and the ultrasound will happen at the end of her seventh week. Meanwhile, we’re hoping everything progresses normally, and we’re also thinking about how to tell all of our parents and friends – who, as far as we know, have absolutely no idea that a baby is in our near future. Eeek!

In all honesty, is it too late to post this ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ post?


I’m doing it anyways.  Because I’m such an interesting person (cough) and everyone is dying to learn more about me (cough cough).

I have been MIA for a few weeks.  Work had gotten the best of me.  Long hours and lots and lots of things to get done.  But I’m not going to say ‘I’m just so busy!’ because I’m not going to perpetuate the obsession with ‘busy’ I hear so many talk about.  Let’s lighten the load and learn some FUN FACTS about me!

Thank you In the Baby Closet for nominating Lesbians on the Corner for the One Lovely Blog award!  I started this blog to journal our journey to parenthood and am excited that so many people are willing to follow along!  I know when we (E and I) first started this ‘talk of baby’, it was the blogs I turned to!  I hope that our perspective is valuable to someone out there in the blogworld!  (blogosphere I suppose is the correct lingo – still an amateur over here)

Here are the rules to One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. Thank the person who has nominated you. Provide a link to his/her blog
  2. List the rules
  3. Include 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated
  5. Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you

All about me:

  1. I live in North Carolina. And can, as of this past Friday, get married to E!!!  No plans to as of yet, but time will tell.
  1. I am tall. No, I do not play basketball.  Yes, I know I’m tall.  In a public bathroom just this afternoon, while zipping up my jeans, I could see myself in the mirror from above the stall. #tallgirlprobz
  1. I love being active, although my back is making me feel 80. I played softball (duh) and volleyball through college.  This past year, I ran 2 half marathons and hiked the Art Loeb trail. I am by no means a speedy runner, but my motto is each step taken is one more than I would have taken if I were sitting on the couch.  That, plus my music is REALLY loud so I can’t hear myself breathe.
  1. I love organizing. EVERYTHING.  There is a home video of me from when I was 6 lining up and grouping my candy.  No joke – that ish starts at birth.  Everything has a place – except for clutter.
  1. I am a mega introvert and love to think. E and I are the same this way and can go on long road trips and not say anything – no radio, no talking – just driving, and be perfectly at peace.  I have to pump myself up for mingling and for being in loud, crowded places for extended periods of time.  I prefer my handful of really close, meaningful friendships versus being acquaintances with hundreds.
  1. E and I have been besties for 15 years. We have lived together for the last 10.
  1. I really want to get pregnant. And then be a stay-at-home mom. And house manager.  And E’s personal assistant.  Maybe one day this dream will come true!  We try again next weekend…

And I nominate the following bloggers (and if you’ve already done this – please disregard!).  I’m only doing 5 because I suspect this has been ‘around the corner’ already 🙂

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let’s talk about this 2WW…

So.  A little less than 2 weeks ago, E and I went in to the fertility clinic at 9:30am for our first IUI procedure.  We were so giddy and nervous at the same time.  The other thing that happened 2 weeks ago:  I went cold turkey on my coffee situation.

I sat up on the table, my feet in the stirrups, and the nurse led the catheter into my cervix.  The nurse then had E come over and see what was going on and E was then able to ‘do the deed’ – pushing the lucky swimmers into my body.  Awww.  For me, the procedure was not at all painful.  The only pain I felt was when the nurse accidentally set the clamp for the speculum with my skin TRAPPED inside it. Let me tell you – THAT was a painful pinch.  I was then told to lay down and relax for 10-15 minutes then I’d be good to go.

I went back to work and had some cramping throughout the day, along with the most massive headache anyone has ever had.  My love for coffee is deep.  I drink at least 3 large cups every morning before work.  I’ve been in this coffee routine for the last 10 years.  I want to do everything I can to have a healthy pregnancy, so no coffee for me.  Word to the wise: weeeeeeen yourself off the coffee.  My ‘no coffee’ headaches lasted about 5 days straight, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through that if you don’t have to.

The two week wait is rough.  So many ‘what ifs’ in my brain.  It was difficult for me to discern between normal pre-period feelings and ‘does this mean I’m pregnant?’ feelings.  I have learned so many acronyms!  2WW, AF, 8dpiui, BFN, and the list goes on.  The internet is filled with them!

So back to this 2WW.  The wait was over, 10 days post-IUI, for me. 😦  On to the next month….


On a different note, E and I are managing a slow pitch softball team in a gay league.  Yay!  Every Sunday, although it conflicts with football games, we play 2 games.   We have played softball together for years, so it’s only natural for us to spend our Sundays back on the field.  OH – and the Packer flag is waving from our house on the corner today – Go Pack Go! Let’s hope for a better showing than last week’s opener…

photo (17)

Ovulation Predictor Kit and guest posts

E (I’ll refer to my partner as E so I can stop writing out ‘my partner’) and I drove back from our summer vacation and had the conversation as follows:

me: I want to get pregnant.  

E: OK! But what about your job?

me: Who cares about everyone else, screw it.  There will never be the ‘ideal’ time.  

E: You’re right (aren’t I always? 😉 ).  Oh my god I can’t believe it. Let’s do it. 

And then we busted out ‘No day but todaaaaaaay’. Seriously, we are the coolest lesbians on the corner out there.

A little back story: I direct an organization that’s relatively conservative. I’m “out” to my boss, who’s completely supportive, but there are 20-30 volunteers, who are a constant presence at the place. With very few exceptions, they are old, white, conservative men – not the most welcoming presence for a lezzie like me. I’ve always said that I don’t want to be pregnant until I can work somewhere else, or quit working all together, but something just snapped the day back from the beach! If they have a problem with my (hopefully soon-to-be) growing belly, they can leave!

When we got home, we unpacked, had an adventure with a mouse that came along for the ride (Glad one of the boys is a hunter), we went to a pharmacy and picked up an ovulation predictor kit (OPK – trying to up my lingo).  Those things are expensive! Like $50 so that I can pee on a stick.  With the kind we purchased, you pee on the stick and wait for it to read the pee (note: these are definitely not the technical terms).  If it does not read an LH surge, a circle will appear.  If it IS surging, a smiley face will appear within that circle.

We printed out calendars to track my cycle (and to meal plan to create organized grocery lists, lezbehonest).  My cycle has been consistent for the past 3 months.  Which brings us to today…

I got the smiley!  We will have our first IUI tomorrow!  eeeeek!

Additional note:

I have been learning about how to blog.  E has been doing her own work while I’ve been setting it up – and has been ALL IN MY BUSINESS.  🙂  We are both excited to share our journey with everyone so I can’t blame her.  She asked last night if she could do some ‘guest posts’.  So you will have that to look forward to!  The perspective of the other mother.  

Two lesbians making a baby – IUI

My partner and I have been together for 7 years and have decided it’s time to become mommies.  So what do we do?

We become experts (it’s a relative term) on artificial insemination by way of the internet.  Here is where we stand:

We have been tracking my cycle for the past 2 months, and I have been taking prenatal vitamins and have met with a fertility doctor who will be performing the insemination.  We have purchased the sperm (that’s a whole story in itself) and are now waiting for a ‘smiley’ on the ovulation predictor kit.  THIS WILL BE THE WEEK.

I’ll back track a little to get you up to speed.  My partner and I are big-time planners.  We have calendars and lists for everything, and, with this process, we have taken the same approach.  We have decided that I will be the one to carry the baby – I’ve always wanted to be pregnant, and my partner is not as sold on the whole thing.  We had a consultation with the fertility doctor.  It was very informative (and we knew most of what she was describing because of our hours spent researching the process online).  I’m not at a high-risk age (I’m 28), but doctors don’t typically recommend the “turkey baster” method, and most sperm banks won’t deliver to a residence without doctor approval. Along with the doctor, my partner and I decided that IUI would be our best bet.  IUI stands for intrauterine insemination, meaning that the sperm is injected, via catheter, directly into the uterus.  After information was shared, I had a transvaginal ultrasound to make sure everything looked good to go (which it did).  The following day, my partner and I both had bloodwork done (for her – STD testing, me- the same + other tests to assist sperm donor selection, blood type, yada yada).

We waited about a week to get the results – it seemed like much longer because we wanted to 1) choose the sperm donor, and 2) make sure the sperm arrived at the doctor’s office with plenty of time to spare.  Once the results arrived, we were able to nix a number of possibles off of our donor list and finally select the one (this was not an easy process to do – decisions are difficult for both of us).

The following month, I got the smiley while visiting my hometown (in another state), so we knew we’d have to wait for the next month.  AND HERE WE ARE.


Testing the blogging waters

On this 3-day Labor Day weekend I decided to just try my best at creating a blog.  Why not? I enjoy reading through other blogs, so perhaps people will enjoy reading this one as well. Things you will, without a doubt, come across on this blog:

1. cats.

2. lesbians

3. family making

4. sports

5. home improvement and organizing ideas

I have never ventured into this realm before (aside from a weak myspace page back in the day) so bear with me as I learn what the heck is going on.  Enjoy!